TRANSMUTATION AND INTERTWINING HUMAN – ORGANIC STRUCTURES is an exploration into the themes of home, loss, and regrowth.

This project investigates the profound connections that bind humanity’s subconscious thoughts with our intrinsic ties to the natural world. 

These works are inspired by abstracted, organic, and partially figurative subjects that undergo a transformation where each individual narrative is shaped by the unique perspective of its beholder. I invite the viewers to an introspective journey, where the mind’s inherent biases influence the interpretation of a diverse array of subjects—like floral formulations of a Rorschach test. 

The pieces are an intimate reflection of core childhood memories and concepts of ‘home’. Through a reflective process, I’ve progressively navigated the ever-shifting landscape of living spaces throughout a life lived internationally. From Melbourne to Taiwan, Tampa Bay to Houston, the central floral motif ties my concept self to the orchids my grandmother grew in suburban Melbourne – a simple motif that holds within it the intricate web of human connections, from the personal to the universal.




Artist working on canvas on wall
Artist at work in the studio.





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Yiling Ooi