FESTERING DESIRE – A LONGING FOR THE MAKE-BELIEVE you are what I drown myself in, a virus, my obsession.

This series of work culminates as a result of years of therapeutic abreaction – bringing forth repressed emotions of fear, guilt, and rage into a stage of release. Touching on themes surrounding the feminine experience, these works aim to capture the essence of the mental takeover that is assault-induced PTSD.

This installation encompasses a collection of three-dimensional paintings of anthropomorphic fungi and plant forms. Each work is a festering landscape that escapes the confines of its canvas as their viral paper forms spread themselves about the exhibiting space. These forms act as a metaphor for the parasitic-like effects of PTSD overtaking daily life, and the young mind’s growing obsession with imagining a life without it.

instagram: @zeeeeena


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Zina-Lily Carley Rice (zeeen)