Musical scores document my rhythmic thought processes, with spheres and lines fulfilling the composition. This personal visual language is paired with figures which serve as emotive, or tempo markings. No visual hierarchy is given to either parts of the drawings, as they both would not function without the other. This drawing practice is innovative in its display and the relationship it has with everyday objects – voluminous carpeting and deactivated drum sculptures for example. These additions amplify the idea that music could exist in this space if silence had not been forced upon it, and therefore present a space between giving, and taking away silence. 

These compositions present the joining of my current process-based drawing practice and my background in experimental percussion. Blending the two has allowed me to explore themes that cannot be wholly represented on their own. Such as the spaces that exist before resolution, and what effect they can have in community building.


instagram: @05minor

 ‘Five’, 2023, graphite on paper, 14 x 10 cm
Zoé in her studio, 2023
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Zoé Pietrzniak