Just a Little Bit of Spice! is a collection of guides that are designed to help artists, educators, curators, and students approach challenging art expressions.

Sometimes, the classroom environment needs JUST A LITTLE BIT OF SPICE! and for creatives that divulge in more audacious aesthetics, navigating between common morale, responsibility, and free expression can be challenging. The ambiguity of censorship laws often looms behind many in the collective art world. Yet, the available resources are often inconclusive, with little foundation to help educators or curators understand their rights as creators and hosts.

Just a Little Bit of Spice! is a collection of pamphlets that dissect complex themes whilst re-contextualising them for broader audiences. This project intends to build a bridge for creatives to feel free with their creative practice by using the grittier elements of art theory and education alongside practical exercises.

After all, what is the human experience, if not sometimes a little controversial?

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Raven Dawn
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