BLOCK HEAD MOVING FEETNatural Solace or Escaping


‘I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees’ –Henry David Thoreau

Embracing the traditional with a touch of modernity, I seek to delve into watercolour techniquesthat narrate the story of landscape and cityscape coming into a tranquil union. My work mirrorsthe contrast between the untamed spirit of nature and the structured dynamism of metropolitanlife.

“Do you understand your transformation from tree to paper?”  I ponder.  
The rings of a tree stump whisper a secret: “In the forest’s embrace, every tree is unique, none preordained for paper.”
Streams tirelessly carve each stone, crafting their current forms in an endless dance of nature. This forest, a perpetual stage, showcases the unceasing ballet of change.


A Eucalyptus Tree, 2023 Watercolour on paper 15 x 21 cm
Flowing Watercolour on paper 18 x 57cm
Stranding Watercolour, gouache, color pencil on paper 36 x 29cm


Stranding – detail. Watercolour, gouache, color pencil on paper 36 x 29cm


Sabrina Xu, 2023, watercolour on paper


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Sabrina Xu