Sirui Yang is an emerging interdisciplinary creative thinker and practitioner from Nanjing, China, currently studying and living in Melbourne, Australia. In the past three years, she has exhibited in art spaces both in Melbourne and in international fields, such as 2022 Big Amygdala Energy Zine Launch, Science Gallery Melbourne & SIGNAL, Australia; The FAITH in Pandemic Times, Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Valley, Australia ; INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 3.0, Platform Exhibitions, Melbourne, Australia; 2021 The 3rd Winner of NEMESIS (virtual), The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK ; Fifty Square Art Prize, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia ; Contemporary Venice 2021, Venice, Italy; 2020 Amended 2020 Online Grad Show, RMIT, Australia Additionally, she also has participated in the planning, volunteering and execution of some events as curator and Co-curator, such as 2022, Co-curator, Big Amygdala Energy Zine, Science Gallery Melbourne & SIGNAL, Australia (magazine launch ); 2021 Co-curator, 'Frunce' , Trocadero Art Projects, Australia; 2019 Curator, SINposium x Natural Spirits, RMIT, Australia. I also worked as the MC in MMEETs - Resident Reflection: Close to Home, MPavilion & SIGNAL. Recently, Sirui has had a strong passion for exploring how aesthetic forms in nature have inspired the development of her jewellery project in creating its unique aura or atmosphere. As she wants to evoke her unique feelings of the vitality in nature. Her recent art practices encompass drawing and painting, digital illustration, photography also installation art. She gradually discovered that innocence (natural essence) and profoundness (complexity), through spontaneous thinking and interdisciplinary exploration, form a complementary relationship in her creation. As far as Sirui is concerned, this kind of complementarity in contemporary fields, especially the collision between human civilization and nature, inspires Sirui to find the eternity belonging to the ontology in the ever-changing environment.