SAFE ZONE—an exploration of psychological healing through a performative multimedia installation—explores my everyday emotional struggles, dreams, and memories during the years spent in Covid lockdown. By using a methodology of documenting and sharing, I aim to create an intimate space that speaks in equal parts to fantasy and reality, to present an atmosphere of warmth, encouragement, and healing during times of isolation, depression, and anxiety.

Through making drawings, paintings, and textile objects, I aim to simultaneously record my mundane daily rituals, my fantastical dreams and my childhood memories, to cathartically render them into something approachable and to transform them from something negative into something of value. I address the mother-infant relationship by transforming my nightmare monsters into crocheted creatures with a loving, cute appearance. For me, throughout the performance, I am, in effect, ‘giving birth’ to safe and gentle creatures that simultaneously become an internal representation of the mother and the infant.

This performative installation stands as a testimony to my journey; it is a performative narrative, an exposé on the richness of my imagination, with the aim to explore a human need for intimacy. By inviting viewers to the intimate space and having them interact with the settings and objects, I intend to share my journey with them.


Juqi Wang, Play, 2022.

Safe Zone, 2022
Juqi Wang, 2022, installation piece with crocheted soft sculptures and paintings.


Everyday Series, 2021
Juqi Wang, Everyday Series, 2021.


Can't sleep without you, 2022
Juqi Wang, Can’t sleep without you, 2022.


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Juqi Wang