Addin Sugarda

Mary Oliphant Prize. Seventh Gallery Award. BESTOWED: EXPLORING TRAUMA AS A FORM OF INHERITANCE THROUGH CERAMIC SCULPTURES AND RITUALISED PERFORMANCE  Reimagining heirlooms from the artist’s Javanese heritage to create ceramic sculptural work, Bestowed challenges the persistence of filial piety in

Alex Kynaston

Recipient of the The ADFAS (Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society), Yarra Branch Award _________________________________ ISOLATED FACES metaphorically explores anxieties of isolation and belonging. This project is a self-reflexive study that utilises non-traditional portraiture by shadowing the faces of loved ones to

Anna Kennedy

BODY VERTICAL My video installation uses advanced editing, special effects and compositing techniques to interrogate patriarchally-skewed cinematic codes embedded in mainstream film. Crucially, it responds to feminist screen theory in seeking new ways to represent the material female body. By

Bo Pang

Bo Pang is a multidisciplinary artist who is currently using weaving, casting, engraving and other forms of handmade contemporary jewellery and installations to communicate with herself. In the process, she analyses and reflects on herself and brings the materials closer to her

Catherine Pickop

Recipient of the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence and contribution to the program, Master of Fine Art. _________________________________ TOWARDS REPOSE An exploration of materiality and ephemerality through the use of organic matter and geometric patterns. This multidisciplinary research project frames

dylan marelić

Lowenstein Arts Management Prize. MACHINIC ECOLOGIES is a practice-led project exploring the interfaces between humans, technology and the environment through transmedia installation. The installation space stages a re-imagined landscape composed of screen-based works, 3D prints, robotic assemblages and generative sound. These

Gomathi Suresh

Recipient of the Lowenstein Arts Management Prize and the NAVA Ignition Prize. _________________________________   THE SECOND LANGUAGE Navigating Marginalised Ecologies Using a Multi-Disciplinary Practice. This multi-disciplinary project combines ceramic objects, paper, video, and the recorded voice to examine issues of ecological degradation

Jiajing Ouyang

NAVA Ignition Prize. 75% MORE FLAVOURFUL: Exploring Thing-power and Trauma through multidisciplinary practice. This Master’s project uses installation, text-based works and image prints to negotiate trauma, self-hatred and shame through accessing the aesthetic possibility of material agency. Through the techniques of collage and

Juqi Wang

SAFE ZONE SAFE ZONE—an exploration of psychological healing through a performative multimedia installation—explores my everyday emotional struggles, dreams, and memories during the years spent in Covid lockdown. By using a methodology of documenting and sharing, I aim to create an

Mairin Briody

Recipient of the Mary Oliphant Best MFA Tutorial Presentation Prize. _________________________________ THE RESONANCE OF A TANGLE engages with bodily agency and constraint through an interdisciplinary practice of painting. By employing material experimentation and improvisation, this project seeks to record an

Okhee Choi

Recipient of the The ADFAS (Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society), Yarra Branch Award. _________________________________ This project seeks to explore life through painting. This project also seeks to explore painting through life. Through this project, I create abstract paintings based on

Sang Shen

The ADFAS (Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society), Yarra Branch award. HARMONIOUS COSMOS explores lyrical narratives by combining Daoist philosophy with magic realist paintings. Drawing upon Daoist philosophy, my fundamental concept is embracing the flow of life and nature. I depict

WooJai Lee

WooJai Lee’s practice is centered around materials. Through material experimentations, he searches for the hidden potential of ordinary material. By transforming the materials into unconventional applications of furniture, interior elements, and sculptures, WooJai challenges the stereotypical ways of working with

Yumeng Li

这个项目对探索家的数字化软件来寻找记忆和收藏之间的联系,的项目还包括我在重建过程中的使用过程。 我的作品为基础,制作项目的,并制作视频,以扩大与观众的创作范围和日常联系范围,以唤起与时俱进的场景。感觉离场感是席位实践创作的关键要素。出现的情绪,看似乡愁传达出一种个性化的情绪。 随着工作的推进,我的制作场景设置在一个更接近的时期,软件中的现在逐渐成为我物理世界的延伸。 李玉萌,数字家庭,2022 李玉萌,数字家庭,2022 李玉萌,数字家庭,2022 李玉萌,数字家庭,2022  

Zo Damage

FLOW: Embodying aesthetic experience through process-based analogue photography This heuristic investigation uses process-based analogue photography to embody my aesthetic responses to life experiences. Informed by theoretical readings in cognitive neuroscience, philosophy, psychology and art, the research aims to harness the merging of