I am a Peruvian-born sculptural installation artist working in Naarm, Australia. My work explores how we experience embodied meaning through interconnection with our environment.  

I pick my materials based on their sensorial and somaesthetic qualities. As such I have experimented with different powders, clay bodies, wood, agar, sugar and essential oils. I enjoy testing liminal material states and their flux: as dust, vapours or gels—often incorporating LED lights and video projections. The carnal impact of encountering matter in such a vast array of presentations works as a reminder of our own material bodies and surroundings.

Gossamery is an installation where both organic and futuristic elements merge in the creation of a ruined anthropocentric utopia—where nature takes back central place and time. The piece is meant to be experienced with the totality of our bodies thus reconnecting us to our material selves—defying the dominant mind/body dichotomy. I hope that Gossamery can further our conversations about our place in the broader cosmological ecology.





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Sandra Flores