A POSTCARD TO AOTEAROA (New Zealand) is a series of images exploring the emancipating concept of escapism, but consequential from the misfortune of not being able to return home, due to lockdown restrictions in Melbourne at the time. Jenkinson, who originally went to Aotearoa for a ten-day skiing holiday, was faced with a decision that unbeknownst to him would shape the next year of his life. At the end of his ten-day holiday, he had to make the split decision to either stay and explore a new country that could ultimately be filled with new people, cultures and experiences, or to commute back to his home and face another inevitable lockdown. This love letter is a visual documentation of Aotearoa, A place Jenkinson now calls his second home. Within this project, Jenkinson wanted to pay homage to this beautiful country by representing it and the people he was lucky enough to have shared this opportunity with, in the best possible way.



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James Jenkinson