Angelique Joy

This series explores neuroqueer (autistic/queer) (dis)embodiment and alienation. Through a queer, posthuman and xenofeminist framework, the work brings into focus the inherently queer interbodily experiences of the neuroqueer bodymind. The work offers a narrative imagining for the neuroqueer networked self; a self joyfully enmeshed with the technological and the non-human.

Brent Leideritz

Photographic art. Seeking to subvert established systems, to challenge expectations and to confront ideologies. A collection of images to trigger thought and discussion. b.leideritz The photographic portraits below depict those that have been othered, by the church and/or society, as

Karen Song

Recipient of the B2 Scan Photography Award. _________________________________ FEMALE MONOLOGUES: investigating gender fluidity with individuality through photography FEMALE MONOLOGUES is a practiced-led photographic research project that focuses on challenging gender stereotypes, rendering the concept of gender fluidity, and using psychoanalysis to analyse