Large scale installation, sound, sculpture, & video.

I have reflected on my experience of a reoccurring fever dream experienced in my childhood. The dream entailed me as a child, in miniature scale, in my parents’ basin, holding on for dear life in the drain as my father (human scale) turns on the tap and washes me down the sink. This dream translates into the physical space, becoming an immersive sculptural installation that explores submergence under pressure both visually and thematically. The proposed work is an adaptation of this idea. It will be modified to encompass themes and complications in my adult life, all the while using the motif of water to symbolise great emotional turmoil, and the suggestion of pressure to represent an impending sense of catastrophe. Surrender to a dream is a multi-sensory work that includes a sound piece that conveys the notion of slowly descending underwater, whilst being accompanied by a miniature of a personalised bedroom and ensuite that is encased in a large glass vessel filled with water, and a screen that shows a pre-recorded closeup of my face in equanimity under the water. 


Finally I wish to be at peace (2022).

This video will be used in my upcoming installation Surrender to a Dream.

I’m a multidisciplinary artist working on Wurundjeri land in the contemporary Melbourne landscape. I work predominantly in the audio and visual space, but experiment with large scale installations and miniature scale models. Entering the final stages of my undergraduate degree within the RMIT Fine Art program, I am using the opportunities and resources provided to me to experiment with the direction of my practice. To view my other video works, click here.


To be a child again (2022)

Golden Slumbers, collaboration with Viki Mealings (2022)

Rhinestone Cowboy (2020)

Suffocation (2019)

A place in my heart (2019)

Sunny (2019)


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Mia Harrison