In this body of work, I aim to create photographs that encapsulate what an individual’s work area would look like in various eras and decades—whether it’s kitchen/wash area, study/den area–by perusing antique stores and op shops to find suitable props. I endeavour to display snapshots of moments in time and the objects used in particular eras that would be recognisable even to the layperson. The works are intended to serve not only an aesthetic purpose but to act as educational tools, which can be displayed in a museum exhibit. These images can help educate people as to how different it was to live in the past, as well as the transition of different major style changes from decade to decade, as technology has advanced. Each photograph portrays a collection of items used in a particular decade, in order to showcase a moment in time. I combine product photography, still-life photography and tableaux photography to create this series of works. The identity and narrative of the individual living in a particular era are to be interpreted by the viewer, through examination of the different props present and the possible reasons why they have been chosen or positioned in a particular way.

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Monique De Bono