Recipient of the Art Centred Award:  The Centre for Contemporary Photography Award. 


IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL is a series that probes the female experience, as informed by our subconscious mind. Recurring themes of surrealism and the human body in disarray are loosely informed by the concept of psychoanalysis, rejecting a literal interpretation of Freud’s female psyche theory, but embracing the notion of nurture defining our gender experiences. The pictures explore social, environmental and political factors that can lead to common emotional side effects. From suppression to liberation, these complexities are painted with vivid colours and hard light, looking at what’s under the surface in everyday scenes of women. The work aims to question resonance, discomfort and perception, encouraging the viewer to look inward.  

It Will Be Beautiful is a reference to women’s tendency to push through the patriarchal obstacles they are met with and continue to blossom. It’s a bittersweet ode to every woman surviving the patriarchy, celebrating their resilience when resilience shouldn’t be needed. The images are a personal take on my own experience as a woman, documenting the beautiful, but sometimes sinister nuances that permeate my everyday life. The subliminal feelings of being understood by your best friend, to feeling invisible because you’re feminine. Despite this, I strive to find beauty amongst it all. 


Jamin Walsh Menegazzo, Seen, 2022.


Jamin Walsh Menegazzo, Safe, Up Here, 2022.


Jamin Walsh Menegazzo, The Magician, 2022.


Jamin Walsh Menegazzo, Companion, 2022.


Jamin Walsh Menegazzo, Blooming, 2022.


Jamin Walsh Menegazzo, Looking For Jasmine, 2022.


Jamin Walsh Menegazzo, Raw, 2022.

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Jamin Walsh Menegazzo