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Photograph of pasta
Michaela Fernando, Family Favourites, 2022


Welcome to Family Favourites. 

This project is a family cookbook that contains recipes from both my parents and food that I have grown up with throughout my childhood. Across generations, cooking has been an essential part of our family life. This collection of recipes has been compiled over the years from all over. Throughout the book, you will find recipes that my parents would make for my sisters and I as children. From a young age, my sisters and I learned how to cook from my parents, just as they learned from theirs.  For a more personal feel, I have also included old photos from our childhood, family gatherings, scanned images from both my parents when they were young and things that my dad brought with him when he moved to Australia in 1995. Looking back at old images has always been a favourite activity of mine, so having them included in my book made it even more special.  

The concept of food and place are central to my practice, and this project explores how they interact. My book was born out of my love for food photography and culture, both of which have intertwined to make me the person I am today. When I was growing up, I didn’t realise how important and valuable my two cultures were to me and how their food brought our families together. Having grown older, I know how important it is to know our family history and how we came to be where we are today. 

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Michaela Fernando