Grief and mourning are both deeply personal yet also universal experiences which are difficult to process and articulate. FLOWER MONUMENT is an attempt to create evocative visual images that communicate the vivid presence and feeling of loss and to provoke reflection upon its meaning. The series had been started from 2020 until now – December 2022, I dedicated my Master of Photography to explore and develop this photo series to honor and commemorate my father, who had liver cancer and died in 2020.

By deploying the conventions of Memento Mori and Still Life with the Surrealist technique of juxtaposition, this photographic series commemorates my late father in a subjective way.

FLOWER MONUMENT  is a series of imagined moments, so it is composed of objects that are selected to evoke particular memories. Some are personally significant to me but will also have other impacts for viewers.  It is also a photograph series with different emotions and feelings from family and friends towards him. Each of these images represents that each person who comes to my father’s funeral has feelings towards him, respectively. As well as personal experience, my work is informed by Geoffry Batchen’s ideas about photography’s relationship to memory and by Affect Theory, using color harmony, lighting, and composition to create an impactful view that awakens the hidden feelings or memories that had been forgotten inside viewers.


Medium: Canson Rag Photographique (Matte) paper





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Minh Khoa Tran (Olly)