Recipient of the ACAE Gallery Award.



Through painting, I aim to echo musical forms into the visual. The resultant body of work explores the kinetic symbology of music, linguistics, hybridity, and inner worlds. Applying lyrical colours and evident brush strokes, I choreograph large utterances to sit beside intimate whispers. My outcomes never sit at one tone of voice, yet begin from the same place of automatic drawings. In this painterly space, I wish to invite you to a playful encounter with your own semantic interpretations. My tension with linguistics as an Asian-Australian is the tool I use to grasp the intangible limitations of language, whilst prodding at the suspicions of my biography.

Aisha Hara is a painter of Japanese-Australian descent, working and studying on stolen Wurundjeri country.  She commits to learning her role in truth-telling and caring for country. Recent group exhibitions include Archives of Feeling at RMIT Design Hub Gallery (2022), Rituals at Brunswick Street Gallery (2022), Co-Exist at the Schoolhouse Studios (2022), and the CAVES Gallery fundraiser (2021). She has been a finalist for the Forty-Five Downstairs Emerging Artist Prize (2021) and the Wyndham Art Prize (2021).


'Hide and the Jazz cooker track #3 I thought about you', 2022, 122 x 137cm each, oil on canvas
Aisha Hara, Hide and the Jazz Cookers track #3 I thought about you, 2022, oil on canvas, 122cm x 137cm.
Aisha Hara, Listen, 2022, oil on canvas, 100cm x 137cm; To hear his voice, 2022, oil on wooden panel, 40cm x 40cm.
Aisha Hara, Untitled, 2022, oil on canvas.
Installation view, 2022.
A book of automatic drawings.

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Aisha Hara