STILL WATERS RUN DEEP explores the existence of a ‘safe space’ in response to personal sufferings of anxiety and insomnia. The large acrylic paintings on calico material are designed with intuitive, unconscious gestures as a means of healing through the creative process. 

The positioning of material pieces – installed above and around the audience – evokes a ‘higher spirit’ found in the ‘subconscious’. When looking up through the work, a viewer may experience a ‘dream-like’ state as they hear accompanying ambient sounds. This work creates an experience for the viewer—one that is warm, comforting and intimate. 

The work is not only impactful for an audience, but it is especially empowering for me. The process of this journey was immensely cathartic. The final product will become my ‘safe space’. A space where the colours, sounds, and immersive experience of the work will be comforting and peaceful. 

Close up image
Charlotte Hall, Still Waters Run Deep [detail], 2022, acrylic paint on calico.

Charlotte Hall, Still Waters Run Deep [installation view, work-in-progress], 2022, acrylic paint on calico, dimensions variable.

Working in the studio

Studio Shot
Current RMIT studio space

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Charlotte Hall