This series of works explores the intersection of intimate quotidian moments and unworldly places through the language of paint. Focusing on figuration, my work investigates how an imagined scene speaks to the human condition and evokes a sense of memory.

My practice employs the fluidity of paint to form constantly altering, shifting forms that embrace the ephemeral nature of memory and explore notions of the in-between. I’m interested in what painting can do, and how an unreal scene can present a feeling of real life. The study of the everyday has been an important aspect in understanding human behaviour. I am interested in why this is.

The paintings use fragmented imagery to evoke a specific moment or feeling, forming a sense of shared memory that speaks to notions of the human experience. Using digital collage to create compositions, positioned against the sense of the artist’s hand there is a tension in the way the painting emerges from the canvas. Through observations of contemporary life, referencing photographs and images from my personal experience, the works are imbued with a sense of narrative, tying all the figures into the same painted world.



Image of artist painting in the studio





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Katinka Samuel