A subconscious exploration of memory and place through the use of intuitive marks and abstraction.

This multi-media project explores the artistic potential of the subconscious mind and its relationship to place. More specifically, the natural world uncovered through fragments of memory. I entertain these notions by utilising automatism and intuitive mark-making as a technique to exercise the role of my subconscious, drawing on memory, embracing spontaneity and momentary inspirations. Through this process, my own inner ‘place’ is articulated through a visual language closely connected to nature. By delineating abstracted landscapes, organic and unstructured forms of the natural world act as cathexis to deep subconscious memory.

I aim to portray places and environments of my own, and in turn, invite the viewers’ sense of place to be provoked. By removing representational features and objects within each piece, this corresponds with my intention to create an atmosphere that allows for a unique interpretation of place for each individual. New realities are created.


Abstract painting of a landscape
Anika Macela, Alongtimealone, 2022, 147cm x 91.5cm.
person installing art work
Anika Macela, installation of Alongtimealone, 2022.
Abstract painting of landscape
Anika Macela, A rolling stone gathers no moss, 2022, 76cm x 203cm.
Anika Macela, work-in-progress image, 2021.
Abstract painting of a landscape
Anika Macela, Viscera, 2021, 90cm x 120cm.

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Anika Macela