My art practice explores my deep relationships to people and places. I create artworks that raise questions and expand my perspective in understanding the complexity of an environment, as well as the fragility of life and memory.

‘Coming Home’ is a ceramic installation that references childhood gardens while using elements found from my current home to create a connection between past and present and familial feelings that we all share.

By experimenting with burn-out technique, using the material of porcelain and organic materials that ‘burn-out’ of the clay form when fired in the kiln. The remaining husk and fragments serves as a metaphor for what is left behind when considering my past and my cultural identity. 

This technique was devised in Jingdezhen, China and expanded with further research in ceramics at RMIT University. 

My work belongs to an expanded field of ceramics that questions the boundaries of what ceramic forms might be. 


photograph of ceramic sculpture
Jing Liang, Coming Home, 2022, Porcelain.
photo of ceramic sculpture
Jing Liang, Coming Home, 2022, Porcelain.
photograph of a wood kiln firing
Jing Liang, Hand-built wood firing kiln, 2022.



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Jing Liang