Based in Melbourne (Naarm), my current practice investigates the subtle body as a spiritual-physical system via the framework of Tantra and Hatha Yoga. Through the process of lost wax casting using non-precious and precious materials, I attempt to make the invisible, visible.

Jewellery is more than adornment and a symbol of status and my practice investigates ways to communicate something that is challenging to comprehend and present a visual representation of the subtle body for contemplation. As my practice continues to unfurl, I also want to encourage questions about value—value of the body and value surrounding the materials I use.


Jyoti Murray, material tests, 2022, wax, plastic
Jyoti Murray, Material exploration, ring and tests pieces, 2022.
Jyoti Murray, Abstract drawing, 2022.
Jyoti Murray, Neckpiece, work in process, 2022.
Jyoti Murray, Casting, work in progress, 2022.
Jyoti Murray, Process – Lost wax casting, 2022.
Jyoti Murray, At the bench, 2022.
Jyoti Murray, Materials and Tests, 2022.
Jyoti Murray, Soldering chain, 2022.
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Jyoti Murray