My work is centered on delivering a straightforward yet impactful message: our world is grappling with escalating pollution levels, which pose significant threats to our livelihoods, ecosystems, and our collective future. Each piece of my art encapsulates a narrative that vividly portrays the repercussions of pollution on both the natural landscape and human society, spanning from smog-choked urban centers to industrially contaminated rivers. I endeavor to capture every facet of environmental pollution. In the artwork, the Earth is intentionally depicted as partially obscured, reflecting a deliberate attempt to portray beauty within the context of mutilation. This representation underscores the profound connection between this concept of mutilated beauty and environmental pollution. Environmental pollution has resulted in the degradation of certain parts of our planet, including contaminated waters, devastated ecosystems, and a compromised atmosphere. Paradoxically, it is these damaged elements that provoke a heightened sense of responsibility for environmental preservation.

In my design portfolio, I have designed a total of twelve pieces. They are Toxic Reverie, Stream of Contamination, Fading Serenity, Nature’s Shackled Cry, Nicotine’s Toxic Legacy, Violet Waters, Wilderness Collage, Toxic Roots, White Veil, The Veil of Darkness, Acid Rain’s Nightmare and Armageddon. One of my most representative works is Stream of Contamination, which found its inspiration in a small village I happened upon. Upon my initial visit to this quaint settlement, I was profoundly struck by the scene that unfolded before me. Despite its location on the city’s periphery, the issue of river pollution has cast a troubling shadow over this environment. The once crystal-clear waters had turned murky, and the vegetation and wildlife along the riverbanks had suffered considerable damage. Stream of Contamination stands as a testament to my observations and reflections on this village, which has come to symbolise my exploration of environmental issues. Through this artwork, I sought to emphasise that pollution is not exclusive to urban centers but extends to rural and peripheral areas as well.

By conveying this message through art, my aim was to prompt viewers to engage in deep contemplation about environmental protection and to rally support for measures to address this pressing challenge. Embracing sustainable lifestyles and reducing pollution and resource wastage can serve as steps toward restoring the Earth’s diminished beauty and returning it to its original vibrancy and charm.


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘Acid Rain’s Monochrome Nightmare’, 2023

In this artwork, I portray the terrifying consequences of acid rain through a haunting black and white style. Acid Rain’s Monochrome Nightmare emphasises the starkness of this environmental phenomenon, where raindrops laden with pollutants fall like a dark omen. The absence of colour accentuates the eerie and destructive nature of acid rain, offering viewers a glimpse into its devastating impact on landscapes and ecosystems. This piece serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for measures to combat acid rain and protect our environment from its ominous effects. 


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘Wilderness Collage’, 2023

In this artwork, I explore the archetype of rugged and untamed foliage, forming a chaotic pile that symbolizes the environment’s raw and untamed essence. Wilderness Collage embraces the beauty of nature’s unpredictability and showcases the intricate interplay of elements within our ecosystems. The jumbled arrangement of foliage highlights the complexity and vitality of the natural world. Through this piece, I celebrate the environment’s resilience and inspire viewers to appreciate the richness of our planet’s diverse landscapes, urging us to protect and cherish this precious heritage.


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘White Veil’, 2023

In this artwork, I capture the haunting image of white pollution billowing from an industrial factory. The piece starkly portrays the environmental consequences of unchecked industrial practices. The ethereal white pollution clouds serve as a symbol of the hidden dangers that often accompany modern manufacturing processes. White Veil prompts viewers to confront the unsettling reality of pollution’s impact on our air and environment, urging us to prioritise sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to safeguard our planet’s future.


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘Violet Waters’, 2023


In this artwork, I transformed a once-pristine river into a haunting shade of purple to emphasise the devastating impact of pollution. Violet Waters serves as a stark commentary on the pollution of our precious waterways, where human activities have tainted the natural beauty of these vital resources. The vivid purple hue symbolises the toxic presence of pollutants and draws attention to the urgent need for environmental conservation and responsible practices. Through this piece, I hope to raise awareness about the pollution threatening our rivers and inspire action to protect these lifelines of our planet.


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘Toxic Roots’, 2023

In this artwork, I depict the stark image of a contaminated tree root, serving as a somber reminder of the far-reaching consequences of environmental pollution. Toxic Roots conveys the insidious impact of pollutants on even the most fundamental elements of nature. The gnarled and tainted root symbolises the harm inflicted on our ecosystem, affecting not only the tree but the entire environment. Through this piece, I aim to raise awareness about the urgent need for responsible environmental stewardship and the preservation of our natural world’s integrity.


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘The Veil of Darkness’, 2023

In this artwork, I visually depict the insidious pollution caused by airborne particulate matter, such as PM2.5, as it transforms the atmosphere into an ominous shade of black. The Veil of Darkness serves as a powerful representation of the hidden dangers of air pollution. The thick, blackened air serves as a stark reminder of the harm these particles inflict on our environment and our health. Through this piece, I aim to raise awareness about the urgent need for cleaner air and responsible actions to combat air pollution for the well-being of all living beings.


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘Stream of Contamination‘, 2023

This artwork emerges from the heart of a village, depicting a once-natural stream now polluted by various contaminants. Stream of Contamination starkly illustrates the harsh reality of pollution affecting even the most serene settings. The image highlights the degradation of the environment and its impact on local communities. Through this piece, I aim to shed light on the pressing issue of pollution in rural areas, emphasizing the need for environmental stewardship and sustainable practices to restore the purity of such vital water sources.


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘Nicotine’s Toxic Legacy‘, 2023

This artwork vividly exposes the hazards of nicotine pollution. Through striking visuals and symbolic elements, I aimed to convey the pervasive threat that nicotine poses to our environment and society. The piece portrays the toxic nature of nicotine through its ominous tones to emphasise the harm it inflicts on both human health and the natural world. Nicotine’s Toxic Legacy serves as a powerful warning against the dangers of nicotine pollution, urging us to address this pressing issue for the well-being of our planet and future generations.


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘Nature’s Shackled Cry’, 2023

In this photograph, I aimed to highlight the powerful symbolism of a prison-like structure formed by dead tree branches. From an environmental protection and pollution perspective, this piece serves as a stark metaphor for the consequences of environmental degradation. The lifeless branches entwined to create a prison represent nature’s plea for freedom from the chains of pollution and exploitation. Through this image, I hope to inspire greater awareness of our impact on the environment and the urgent need to protect and preserve nature’s fragile beauty before it’s too late.


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘Fading Serenity‘, 2023

In this piece, I aimed to capture the profound beauty of a wilting lotus flower, symbolising purity and serenity. The image of the lotus in decay serves as a poignant reminder of life’s impermanence and the ephemeral nature of beauty Fading Serenity is my tribute to the profound lessons nature offers about embracing imperfection and finding beauty in every stage of existence.


Jia Yi Zhang, ‘Armageddon’, 2023

In this artwork, I paint an apocalyptic vision of our world ravaged by environmental pollution, where the entire planet appears bleak and devoid of colour. Armageddon serves as a stark and chilling representation of the catastrophic consequences of unchecked environmental degradation. The absence of vibrant hues underscores the grimness of this future, urging viewers to confront the urgent need for global environmental consciousness and action. Through this piece, I hope to inspire a collective effort to prevent such a desolate future and preserve the beauty and vitality of our planet.



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