This photography project is an in-depth exploration that captures the important women in my life and, through documentary photography, has taught me how to love. In this process, I strive to unearth, document, and capture those moments of sincere interaction and love within genuine intimate relationships. From a personal perspective, I attempt to seize the moments of interaction between one another. Through coherent photographic records, viewers can feel the intangible nuances and genuine emotions. I employ authentic narratives and everyday scenes to convey the ambiance of invisible love, emphasising authenticity and narrative over blindly pursuing the ‘beauty’ of the photograph.

The primary idea behind this project is to delve into the intimate relationships with significant women in my personal life. In my view, authenticity is a crucial factor in sustaining long-term intimate relationships, and I deeply cherish the friends who have appeared in my life and bestowed upon me an abundance of love, all of whom are very much real. Therefore, I aspire to document the genuine essence of these individuals and the authentic intimacy between us.


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Xu Wen