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My 2023 capstone project is the Glyph of Non-attachment (GON-A). GON-A is a non-static assemblage composed from sculptural objects I have created over the course of my degree. These sculptures are made from industrial metals, reclaimed and re-activated from construction sites and scrap piles. I make extreme interventions in the metal. I intuitively cut, heat and shape using an angle grinder, an oxy-acetylene torch and a variety of hammers, pliers and chisels. The forms reveal aesthetic values that represent my internal psyche. Balance, spirit, metal \m/ and uncanny mysticism.

To install these works I link them together, stacking and hanging, invoking balance and a mindful composition strategy. They are dependent on each other to stand tall and may appear fragile, but their links are strong. Together their physicality creates a secure foundation. GON-A conceptually represents aspects of my creative way of being, such as; flexibility, adaptability and intuition.

My work is materially and spatially transformative with a tendency towards collecting and salvaging, reclaiming and reactivating. I am interested in the impact of immersion, meditation, mysticism and intuition in the experience of producing/consuming art. I express these ideas through a unique iconography of channelled glyphs, my visual language is evident in whatever material I create with. My lifestyle is an extension of my art practice, where travel, cultural exchange and collaboration form a bedrock from which to draw from creatively. I have exhibited in group and solo shows in Australia and internationally since 2015, and my work is held in private collections in Vietnam, the USA, Canada, Spain, the UK and Germany.

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Alexander ‘Pug’ Williams