BDS Sculpture Prize for outstanding portfolio.


By temporalities, I am always tethered, but forced to move forward despite it; these opposing internal conflicts causes loss of presentness, how am I to exist?

Tethered is a multimedia artwork that investigates the complexities of my lived experiences and the effect it has on my relationships within myself. Explored through sculpture, performance, installation, and video, the work portrays the internal processing of my altered reality. My work acts as a psychoanalytic tool to reach understandings of traumas and workings of my mind and body. Specifically, my work aims to explore relationships between Self/Other and more broadly, the visible/invisible, abled/disabled, and external/internal personal experiences. The work aims to provoke the audience members to consider their own disabilities, mind and body relationships, complex childhoods, and those who have an altered way of existing caused by an ‘Other’ source that has affected ‘Self’.

I am a multidisciplinary artist practicing in Melbourne/Naarm engaging in sculpture, performance, and installation. I am currently undertaking my final year in my Bachelor of Fine Art degree at RMIT University, specialising in sculpture. I have previously exhibited and curated a group show at Unassigned Gallery in April 2023. My works are predominately formed by the lived experiences of my chronic health conditions. I explore relationships between the external/internal and invisible workings of mind and body. My art practice provides a voice to my bodily struggles and allows me to process difficult experiences and the working of the subconscious mind. I often perform with my sculptures, interacting through sensorial and sometimes painful processes. My art is always highly symbolic, providing insight into my resilience and allows further awareness and discovery of myself.

instagram: @cocojonesart

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Coco Jones