Drawing Studio Award for excellence in drawing-based practices.

BETWEEN YARN AND A HARD PLACE  is an ongoing exploration of mother-daughter relationships and, by extension, the complex interaction between the maker and the made. In my semi-autobiographical practice, I explore the desire for validation from a maternal figure whilst producing works that may be considered crude, inappropriate and explicit.

My work holds direct ties to my lineage and specifically that of my nan, as the yarn I use in my practice belonged to her, and the skills I employ were taught to me by her.

I place myself in a situation of both the maker of my arts practice, as well as the child of my mother. This allows me to sympathise with both perspectives and heals the divide between two conflicting, yet ever-connected situations.

instagram: @alex_c_art

Alexandra Cairney, in the studio, 2023

Alexandra Cairney, ‘Virginia’ 2023, yarn [detail]

Alexandra Cairney, ‘UNTITLED’ 2023, yarn, hair, nylon and photographic prints on board

Alexandra Cairney, ‘Virginia’ 2023, yarn
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Alexandra Cairney