Addin Sugarda

Mary Oliphant Prize. Seventh Gallery Award. BESTOWED: EXPLORING TRAUMA AS A FORM OF INHERITANCE THROUGH CERAMIC SCULPTURES AND RITUALISED PERFORMANCE  Reimagining heirlooms from the artist’s Javanese heritage to create ceramic sculptural work, Bestowed challenges the persistence of filial piety in

dylan marelić

Lowenstein Arts Management Prize. MACHINIC ECOLOGIES is a practice-led project exploring the interfaces between humans, technology and the environment through transmedia installation. The installation space stages a re-imagined landscape composed of screen-based works, 3D prints, robotic assemblages and generative sound. These

Jiajing Ouyang

NAVA Ignition Prize. 75% MORE FLAVOURFUL: Exploring Thing-power and Trauma through multidisciplinary practice. This Master’s project uses installation, text-based works and image prints to negotiate trauma, self-hatred and shame through accessing the aesthetic possibility of material agency. Through the techniques of collage and

Sang Shen

The ADFAS (Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society), Yarra Branch award. HARMONIOUS COSMOS explores lyrical narratives by combining Daoist philosophy with magic realist paintings. Drawing upon Daoist philosophy, my fundamental concept is embracing the flow of life and nature. I depict