Within the recesses of our minds lies a profound, enigmatic realm – the unconscious. A vast, unknown territory that beckons us with its mysteries and shrouded truths. It is a place both alluring and intimidating, where the boundaries of reality blur into the fantastical and where the known meets the unknown. Like the darkness that both conceals and reveals, the unconscious is a realm of profound paradoxes.

In this project, I embark on a journey into the depths of the unconscious, not as an escape from reality but as an exploration of the very essence of our nature. Carl Jung linked the unconscious to a shadow, where our fears and desires intertwine in a symphony of emotions. It is alarming and can disorient and conjure the most unsettling imaginings. But it is within this journey that we may uncover the heart of our humanity.

I illuminate the darkness with each stroke of creativity, piecing together fragments of thoughts, memories, and emotions to unveil a mind pattern. Through the creation process, I expose our innermost selves’ raw, unfiltered essence, not to provoke fear but to stimulate a profound sense of awe and wonder.

In the intricate dance between light and shadow, I find inspiration. The unconscious becomes a source of endless creativity.

instagram: @alla_kuyunzhi


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Alla Kuyunzhi