Firestation Print Studio Exhibition Prize for high academic achievement.

Sunshine Print Artspace Graduate Award for high academic achievement in Third Year.


Through a practice of print and illustration my work engages with the ways history and the process of archiving history intersects with personal identity. Building on prints’ historical role as a disseminator of information I explore how the printed image is manipulated to tell particular and often exclusively dominant narratives of history, especially regarding gender. My current work has a particular focus on Medieval Europe, engaging with both its contemporary consideration of being the ‘Dark Ages’ compared to the reality of the diverse lives of Medieval people and how in the centuries following it is a period often adopted for intolerance. My work engages the history of print and illustrative works themselves playing a role in how history is told and how print media can be commandeered as a vehicle for dissemination of history in service of the neglected stories. I am currently exploring these themes through woodcut, intaglio and screen print and the use of colourful and dissected prints.

instagram: @lepreityprints


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Amy Grover