A sculptural installation that calls into question our future under current social condition. It questions society’s cause of climate change and its radical effects on everything, reinforced through the showcase of mundane elements.

A portrayal of a mutated flower was designed, influenced by the aftermath of nuclear radiation and speculative evolutionary theories. The work is a hypothesis of what a flower will evolve to be as a result of environmental degradation. The flower conveys that even our small appreciations of our world will soon diminish. Made from copper, it will degrade slowly but continuously for seventy to eighty years. Embodying a metaphorical timer, a warning of our future where we have failed to reduce emissions to irreversible damage.

Aurea Palmer is a Naarm based artist, working in the realm of sculptural forms and the reinterpretation of traditional jewellery. Fascinated by the use of scale, her works explore transformation, nature and movement.


instagram: @pixiedoingart


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Aurea Palmer