A series experimenting with generative AI (Text-to-Image) software to re-image superheroes for Trans and Gender-Diverse kids.

As a child I never had any superheroes to look up to, who represented me as transgender kid. Made from new digital technologies and further developed to celebrate the many gender diversities we have today. Be PROUD of who are, be your own superXero.

Ethan Kristy is an interdisciplinary Trans and Queer Visual Activist based in Meanjin (Brisbane). A conceptual artist infusing their two loves of [ART + TECHNOLOGY], their art practice crosses traditional art making with photography, digital, virtual, multi-media, and new technologies (AI, 3D modelling, 3D printing & 3D scanning). Passionate about activism, their art speaks to their own lived experiences growing up in Australia as a Trans and Queer person.


instagram: @ethankristy
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Ethan Kristy