The Bold and the Beautiful Award.

DRIFTING STARS: The sense of alienation seeing through self, objects, place, and community.


My work captures and expresses the isolation and the anxiety of self-identity experienced between life in Korea and Australia while also questioning and exploring the meaning of human existence.

Through my practice, I express my emotions, such as alienation, loneliness, isolation, longing, voidness, confusion, loss, and the dispersion of my identity in immigrant life. My artwork is greatly influenced by the environment where I am because it reflects my feelings in the place where I exist and the relationships I have with something or someone around me. Through the various materials and my artwork, I am exploring my self-identity in this world that is complicated and intertwined yet filled with silence.

My artworks represent the psychological state and self-positioning of humans in social-cultural relationships. These express the emotions of people who do not think they belong neither to their own culture nor to where they are. It also represents the state of mind of a person who cannot mentally settle in one place and wanders around meaninglessly or reflects the life of an immigrant who feels the loss of a spiritual home.


instagram: @hee_heelee

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Hee Lee