MENTAL IMAGE is a series of abstract expressions that I reproduce and recall in my mind, based on experiences after being exposed to objective things in life. These mental images construct my perceptual understanding of the world, especially the connections between family, inner self, and world.

My upbringing has largely shaped my personality. Born and raised in China, I have been an introvert since childhood. Probably due to the several times I have moved house, I rarely had the opportunity to establish long-term interpersonal relationships. This made me insecure, which manifested itself in the form of psychological isolation from the outside world. After dropping out of university and falling into decline for a few years, I spent a lot of time and energy to successfully lose 40 kilograms. In the process, I taught myself a lot of knowledge, including psychology. In the works of psychologist Wu Zhihong, you often read of mental imagery being used in cases to explore oneself during the treatment process. This has also become a tool that I often use when introspective and attempting to understand others and the outside world.

In this project, I used the AI image generation tool Midjourney to realise my imagination. This project involved many unrealistic scenarios, and traditional photography methods would limit creativity due to limited time, money, and space available. The scene created by AI is fictional, but it reflects the real relationship in my perception. This project is an exploration, a journey into introspection, emotional expression, and creative exploration, aiming to inspire the audience to think and understand their inner world.


Henghui Sun, ‘Escape’, 2023, AI-generated image
Henghui Sun, ‘The iron tree blooms’, 2023, AI-generated image


instagram: @stanley.sun12

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Henghui Sun