Stop staring I don’t want to be stared at 

Stop laughing are you laughing at me 

Stop staring I don’t want to be seen

Stop Stop Stop

Quick breathing, heart beating fast, millions of thoughts repeated over and over again 

Dealing with this never ending cycle for so many years, the same thoughts echo and spoil any new experiences. Continuous thoughts of self-doubt and worry, feeling as though you can’t breathe, can’t see straight, can’t concentrate on anything, all become one anxiety-provoking mess. The everyday ‘normal’ sounds of life that to most, is just noise, but to me escalates all of those negative thoughts.

Stop staring 

Stop stop stop 

Stop staring, deals with the inner turmoil that consumes me while constantly focusing on the way I see myself and how I fit into the world around me.


instagram: @coloridilunaphotography

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Jacqueline Marsolino