In this body of client-based work, I am focusing on the two areas of stylised sport action shots and architecture and interiors. 

Navigating through the worlds of action-packed sports photography and the detailed imagery of buildings and interiors, a simple yet profound thread ties the work together: a dedicated focus on light. In sports photography, using available lighting, often from the lights at sports venues, the goal is to shine a spotlight on the athletes, not just physically, but also on the energy and movement they represent. It’s not just about snapping a shot but using light to highlight the beauty in every jump, sprint, and swing, bringing the dynamic world of sports to life in a bright and engaging way. 

On the other hand, when it comes to photographing buildings and their interiors, light is used in a different, but equally important way. Using both the natural light that flows from the outside environment and the internal lights within buildings across Melbourne and regional Victoria, the aim is to capture the feeling of each space. The use of light brings out the textures, colours, and atmospheres of each room or building, enabling them to whisper stories of calm, excitement, or contemplation to every viewer. 

In both scenarios, light is the secret weapon. It’s not just about illuminating the subject but also using it to tell a story, allowing every shadow and highlight to draw viewers in, making them feel a part of the sportive action or present in the room, all while keeping things simple, relatable, and true to life. 


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Jordan Townrow