ACAE Gallery Emerging Artist Award.


I am obsessed with excavating my inner self.

My art practice and my life experiences cannot be separated. I am experiencing the ongoing reposition of my cultural identity and collective unconsciousness between my home place Hong Kong and Australia. This journey delves into my personal perception and feelings I experience as an immigrant.

Floating assembled my art practice that explores both poetic and conceptual dimensions through multimedia. The space shifting between beneath and above the sea is an abstract concept that echoes my experience of being caught in a cycle of emotional attachment and detachment to two places. The transformation from my experiences to the perceptions and bodily sensations in a space is beautiful to me. I convey my feelings by sound and visual elements, using time-based media to highlight the continuously loop between two spaces.


Judy Kong, ‘Floating’, 2023 [still], video


Judy Kong, ‘Floating’, 2023 [installation view], video projection



I am traveling from painting, and arriving at new media and installation art. 


Judy Kong is a Hong Kong born artist based in Melbourne. Her creative endeavors span across multiple mediums, including painting, video, sound, and installation. In her recent works, Judy embarks on a journey of depicting indescribable emotions within physical spaces. Her art is a testament to her deep passion in exploring perceptions and the profound emotional connections that stem from personal experiences.

instagram: @judy.kong

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Judy Hiu Lam Kong