The Moat Bar Awards for excellence in Video and Drawing.


My practice marries cinematic and illustrative elements in the pursuit of elevating both, as I explore communication, storytelling and an interrogation of modern romanticism. I seek to imbue the mundane, the pulp and the pop-cultural with the magical to capture the world as far more wonderful and terrifying as it often seems. My juxtaposition of drawn mediums and videography parallel these dual themes of my practice. As I present my audience with tales both abstract and conventional; I seek to harness the dialectic and opposing truths of romanticism: those of beauty and terror. Two concepts at each other’s throats but still embraced, mirrored by my use of video and drawing, constructing stories and worlds torn between realms of horror and wonder.

Levi Warren (b.2001) is an illustrator working across the mediums of video, painting and drawing to capture and produce stories. Born and raised on Wadawurrung land, Geelong; a student of Fine Arts pursuing a career in teaching. He pursues the philosophy of art as communication, a principle carried into his role as a storyteller and a teacher. He is a past winner of the Brackets Art Prize 2019, as well as having works in publications and group exhibitions such as ‘Art.Movement’ Testing Grounds, Melbourne (2022), ‘Bigger is Better’ The Space – Gallery + Workshops Geelong (2022), ‘Hue and Cry & Friends’ Hue & Cry, Geelong (2022), alongside solo exhibitions ‘Arcade’ Analogue Academy, Geelong (2016), ‘Ink’ Platform Youth Arts, Geelong (2020).



instagram: @_levi_warren

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Levi Warren