The core idea of this project is to transform everyday objects and scenes into quirky, hilarious scenarios. In life, the everyday things we buy always have their uses and purposes, such as chopsticks for eating, pens for writing, umbrellas for blocking the rain and so on. However, I want to contrast this pragmatism by using some creative things that have no practical use in my photography. Through the absurd and unconventional settings, it shows the pursuit of ideas and creativity of people and finding happiness in the unconventional. I hope to create a series of works that blend art and humour, turning the mundane into an imaginative canvas. Creating a visual narrative that celebrates the beauty of the grotesque while providing a light-hearted critique of social norms. It is hoped that the photographs will evoke a range of emotions in the viewer – from laughter and amusement to introspection and contemplation. It is possible to not take life too seriously and to find joy in the most unlikely places.

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Lin Sun—-Chindougu