¿QUE NACE DE UNA CALABAZA PODRIGA? (What grows from a rotten pumpkin?) explores the defeat of human ignorance and position us under the unbeatable force of nature: We are all victims of decay by the erosion of the passage of time, arising from the complexity of a non found intimacy;  where the individual intimacy is worn away. It explores how our human interior’s complexity is parallel to the pumpkin. It is subject to the same susceptibilities of relationships, emotions and catalysts. It is the understanding of the need for mutual respect between two organisms; between nature and myself; between nature and you; between nature and nature. This project sets to experiment with organic materials as a motor for printing as well as the reproduction of prime images, magnifying their physical scale converting it into a never-ending circuit. Through the exploration of body performance photography and alternative photographic processes, the installation welcomes you to be intruded by the decay of our beings, let yourself be eroded by parallelism; and eventually understand your positionality in the world. 





instagram: @m.artinacavanna


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Martina Cavanna