ECO-EMPATHY: a photographic exploration of solastalgia.

This research project reflects upon the interconnectedness of humans and nature — the impact of our actions and the emotional resonance.

Climate anxiety is especially prevalent among young people, my daughter included. Eco-empathy is a personal and shared narrative with my daughter on familial sites affected by climate change. The project title references the gestures of empathy in the environment. The images convey a human connection with nature, an engagement that is key for developing empathy and a means to proactively process complex climate emotions.  

The circular lenticular prints overlay seamlessly onto landscape prints to convey the ephemerality of time and flux of these intimate gestures. The lenticular movement considers the dualism of fragility and resilience; sustainability and decline, and frustration and hope. The analogue double-exposure prints envelop the hanging prints, amplifying the internal psychological scope. The multilayered immersive and spatial method of displaying the images cultivates an awareness of space and communicates the complexity of solastalgia. 

I want to advocate for a more climate-conscious approach in the art world by being transparent and sharing the carbon footprint of my installation. 




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Michelle Ferreira