UNIFORMITY is a survey of suburban architecture in Melbourne, encompassing a range of architectural styles from the past century.

The aim of the project is to compare the ways in which houses are being built in and around Melbourne and to contrast these uninspired repetitive developments with houses that represent unique qualities of design and material use.

The title of the book The Australian Ugliness (1960) by architect Robin Boyd made me reflect on my own ideas of what I find appealing and what I am repelled by in the world of architecture.

I found myself being drawn to houses that are unique and built with interesting textures, elements, gardens, and colours. The ones I found less appealing, having almost the same exterior as each other, each of these houses appear almost the same. These houses have no individuality, follow trends, tend to have no gardens, and are built in the same colours and materials. These houses feel like they are built by developers for the purpose of being sold with maximum profit or built to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. These houses can be found on developers’ websites and buyers can purchase the exact house advertised on their websites, or even go and see the houses in person at their display homes – they have no individuality or unique qualities.

While developers are trying to profit off the current housing needs of a particular demographic, there is still a greed from developers that pushes people to have less individuality with their purchasing choices.


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Major Project, Miranda Thwaites 2023Major Project, Miranda Thwaites 2023Major Project, Miranda Thwaites 2023
Major Project, Miranda Thwaites 2023Major Project, Miranda Thwaites 2023


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