Highly commended – Wayne Conduit Prize.


My work explores the vitality of the space of night through the influence its atmosphere has upon perception. The work is a dive into the complexity of memory and experience, exploring motifs of the everyday through a particular lens of my own awe for the new and transformed landscapes I encounter at night. The works are then painted to mimic this atmospheric change, utilising gesture, loss of information and the experiential effect of colour. My scenes include elements of hyper-saturation to emphasise light and exaggerated sensorial response. This is intended to express a reverence for these scenes and their vibrance despite being surrounded by a space of darkness. The images are often fragmented in an exploration of the fugitive nature of memory- a nod to the fleeting quality of the everyday scenes depicted. While they can feel moving or even overwhelming in a moment they quickly pass, especially at night in the hurry to find a space of safety or comfort. The work aims to show that while the night is often associated with danger and uncertainty, there are a multiplicity of experiences it can still evoke.

instagram: @mollymorris_mc_art


Molly Morris-McGinty, Installation view (various works), 2023, Oil on board, Oil on MDF.



Molly Morris-McGinty, ‘Backlit’, 2023, Oil on board, 40 x 30 cm.


Molly Morris-McGinty, ‘Washed out’, 2023, Watercolour on repurposed papers.


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Molly Morris-McGinty