CALL AND RESPONSE. Within my body of work I capture the dynamic synergy that emerges at the intersection of musicians and fashion. I aim to depict the expressive power of both music and fashion, illustrating how they shape and define our cultural identity. My unwavering passion for this distinctive fusion arises from a profound fascination and interplay as a musician myself with an interest and flair for styling.  These two art forms have intertwined, influenced and mirrored each other for decades. It’s the harmonious blend of these creative forces that intrigues and propels my artistic exploration. My portfolio is a testament to my commitment to bringing the visual worlds of music and fashion together. I strive to showcase the deep impact of this integration on our cultural landscape, highlighting that it transcends aesthetics and is a reflection of this era. My work is dedicated to celebrating the artists who push boundaries, break moulds and embody powerful connections both visually and sonically.

I often use a hybrid of both digital and analogue techniques, including developing negatives and creating prints in my home-built darkroom. Set design is an important element in my work. I either find props and backdrops to work with in the studio or source locations to bring my visions to life. As an active musician in the local scene, I have gone from photographing live gigs of friends to shooting elaborate commercial press shots for fellow creatives in the industry.



instagram: @artsylegs

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Neve Tullberg