Australian Print Workshop Award.

CORRODED PERCEPTIONS is a response to pressing ecological concerns. Embracing corrosion as an artistic motif and a symbol of change, the series addresses a glaring void within traditional and contemporary landscape photography, where the harsh realities of environmental degradation are often eclipsed by a pursuit of aesthetic appeal. These experimental screenprints and paintings, created using metal powders, possess a distinctive vulnerability as they lack protective coatings on their surfaces, leaving them exposed to the elements. They undergo unpredictable transformations as they interact with moisture and deterioration, ultimately bearing oxidised and rusted surfaces. This intentional exposure aligns the works more with the natural world, in contrast to industrial practices that seal materials to prevent weakening.

By engaging with both natural and artificial forms of corrosion and repurposing materials, the project explores the delicate balance between artistic expression and environmental responsibility. It challenges traditional notions of preservation and permanence in art, inviting viewers to witness the ongoing transformation of the artworks as they dynamically respond to the world around them.

Installation view of 'corroded' screenprint onto plywood within a standing frame
Odin Strbac Low, ‘Untitled (Rust Perception)’, 2023, iron powder and acrylic screenprint on birch plywood, timber frame
Artist on a lightbox in their studio inspecting the registration of the positives for silkscreen UV exposure
Odin Strbac Low, inspecting the alignment of positives for silkscreen UV exposure, 2023
Odin Strbac Low, ‘Untitled (Rust Perception) #5’, 2023 [detail]
Installation view of screenprint on various types of wood against a white gallery wall.
Odin Strbac Low, ‘Untitled (Rust Perception)’, 2023, metal powders and acrylic on wood
Photo: Dominique Nikodemski

Residing and practicing in Naarm (Melbourne), Odin Strbac Low’s practice delves into the intricate ecological web that humanity both shapes and inhabits. His practice encompasses a diverse range of techniques, including screenprinting, intaglio, sculpture, and electronic sound synthesis. Serving as a reflective exploration of our influence on the environment, his works exhibit fleeting moments, scenes, and sounds that are imperilled by the spectre of human-induced climate change. This amalgamation of both analogue and digital methods allows him to craft works that traverse the boundaries of traditional and contemporary art.

instagram: @strbaclow_prints

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Odin Strbac Low