This body of work is an artistic exploration of my profound connection between water and the enigmatic world of dreams, evoking atmospheres that capture the intense feelings and deep connection associated with both of these elements.

The vastness of the ocean, with its ever-changing tides, serves as a reflection of human emotion and life’s unpredictability. It highlights the deep-rooted connection we, as humans share with water, emphasising the intertwined nature of our existence. This series of images invites you to explore your own emotions and ponder life’s uncertainties while immersing yourself in the ocean’s serenity.

To create this series of images, I combined different elements of my own photographs along with copyright-free images sourced from the platform Unsplash.com. Utilising Adobe Photoshop, I applied various techniques such as shadows and lighting adjustments, contrast enhancements, blending, and fine-tuning the hue and saturation to seamlessly blend the images to look as realistic as possible.


instagram: @penelopesphotography


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Penny Sharp