Mejia Group Exhibition Award excellence in drawing-based practices. 



My practice, my artworks, my studio, and myself all exist as registrations of time—the limitations of it, the flattening of the past and the constant passing of it. My studio is a laboratory of process-driven art that employs the repetition of simple actions.


Through these actions, I am drawn to things overlooked. This concern manifests in collecting everything from scrap paper to snippets of fleeting conversations overheard from strangers and translating these onto paper. I laboriously stamp out individual letters by hand—pouring time and effort into capturing moments in the lives of strangers and everyday occurrences otherwise passed over. Scrap paper collections of unimportant ‘rubbish’ and more significant recordings are systematically brought together. The hierarchy of these items is flattened as I reduce them all to small hand ripped squares before sorting them into categories, mostly by colour, to eventually turn into sheets of recycled paper. These processes are unfinishable and support the drawings which stem from their relentless attention and embody this also.  The drawings are temporal aggregations that trace the past and present in the act of becoming.  Once completed, these actions merge to create a gradient that only exists in the present—after the temporal act.

Rachael Goy, Images from the studio, 2023
instagram: @ralegoart
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Rachael Goy