QUIETUDE is an installation work that incorporates and melts into the surrounding exhibition space, the work documenting a play on light (natural and artificial) through an array of pinholes and enamel plique-à-jour windows, across a series of mild steel plates. Quietude portrays an exploration into accessing intangible sites and energies through spiritual techniques such as meditation and dream documentation. I hold this project highly within a deeply personal sphere, as I believe this work coincides with my own connection and religious development specifically with Buddhism. The work aims to spark curiosity and intrigue, as elements of the pattern within the work will appear missing or will solely be viewable by close inspection only.

Rose Gamble is currently in her final semester of a bachelor of Fine Art at the RMIT School of Art. (Gold and Silversmithing studio). Rose’s current practice centres around a comprehensive exploration of plique-à-jour, a historical enamelling technique that creates windows of enamel, with the transparency of the enamel allowing light to pass through. Conceptually, Roses current works illustrate a personal journey of the ‘other’, subconscious or the divine through a spiritual and religious lens, encapsulating the concept of energy channelling through an artist within their creative practice. Alongside conceptuality, materiality forms a core point of investigation for Rose, utilising not only traditional jewellery materials but also experimenting with more industrial mediums such as mild steel. 


Drawings on the wall

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Rose Gamble