Drawing Studio Award for excellence in drawing-based practices.


SPIKE THE CANON – This body of painting re-enacts hyper-masculine forms of ‘play violence’ drawn from niche hobbies such as 90s table top and video games. It investigates the vying solipsisms of contemporary masculinity both generally (within broader society) and specifically within the field of painting. I juxtapose this violent, slapstick humour with considered painting and high art tropes contained within the painted field and appropriating stereotypically masculine means of adolescent and adult play. My paintings combine appropriated canonical references—still-lives, ornate framing and technical drawing – with Warhammer figurines. These references are further combined with a variety of hobby materials and techniques, through the use of static grass, model paint, spray paint, and spent gunpowder, as well as traditional historical painting mediums, such as rabbit skin glue gesso, oil paints and silverpoint.

instagram: @sammeekan.art


Sam Meekan, ‘Untitled’, 2023, oil, spray paint, casting wax and high density foam on board, 68 cm x 95 cm


Beast 2023, 201x201cm acrylic on canvas
Sam Meekan, ‘Beast’, 2023,  acrylic on canvas, 201 x 201cm


Wolf Captain 2023
Sam Meekan, ‘Wolf Captain’, 2023, oil, spray paint, permanent marker on board, 91cm x 60cm
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Sam Meekan