Highest Academic Achievement in Honours Year Gold & Silversmithing.



Whilst acknowledging that all our actions impact others, both human and non-human, and that all beings are connected, I explore how the meshing of humankind and the plant world can be embodied in the wearable object.

My jewellery-informed practice investigates how the use of unconventional and sustainably sourced or recycled material, including abandoned objects, can encourage a new awareness of our place in the world. One where we recognise ourselves as part of a great web of life. All originally derived from the natural world, my material choices help focus concerns about the human exploitation, commodification and the over-consumption of plants.

I explore how the act of making, wearing and encountering a jewellery object can move beyond admiration, and via a material experience, form a link with the plant world by gently placing nature back into the wearer and viewer’s consciousness.


instagram: @s.j.lockey


Sarah Lockey, Ecocide 2023
Sarah Lockey, ‘Ecocide’, 2023, [installation view], cotton textile, copper, thread


Sarah Lockey, Lessons from the Garden 2023
Sarah Lockey, ‘Lessons from the Garden’, 2023, [production], dried botanicals, calico, stainless steel, recycled sterling silver, cotton


Sarah Lockey, Giving Then Giving Some More 2023
Sarah Lockey, ‘Giving Then Giving Some More’, 2023, [material testing], dried botanical, flour


Sarah Lockey, From Between the Cracks 2023
Sarah Lockey, ‘From Between the Cracks’, 2023, [ideation], recycled sterling silver, linen


Sarah Lockey, Ecocide 2023
Sarah Lockey, ‘Ecocide’, 2023, [material testing], cotton textile, copper


Sarah Lockey, Reclamation 2023
Sarah Lockey, ‘Reclamation’ 2023, [material testing], soapstone, living plant


Sarah Lockey, In The Garden 2023
Sarah Lockey, ‘In The Garden’, 2023, [material testing], tagua nut, indian ink
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Sarah Lockey